The rally is not going to be cheap, especially when we are flying half way around the world to take part in it. You can get a quick snap shot of our budget here. We will need help to cover some costs and hope that you may be able to see what we can offer in return to your business.

This is a unique opportunity where your business will be promoted across 2 Continents spanning 10,000 miles. It will be seen by countless number of people in no less than 20 countries and we are not even talking about the other rally participants. Apart from that you will be extensively acknowledged on our blog and other social media pages that includes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The potential is limited only to your imagination but some of them are;

  • Your company logo/sticker on our vehicle seen by gazillions of people through out the rally.
  • Logo on our website linked directly to your webpage.
  • Acknowledgement of your support on all our social media pages.
  • If sponsoring product/s, we will be sure to mention the product on our blogs and social media pages.
  • Your product placement on pictures that we load and share on social media.

3 ways you can help us


Will suit a business who would like to see their brand or logo pasted all across the social media and the internet.

Your company Logo/Sticker on our car.

Logo on the front page of our website.

Link to your website from our site and social media pages.


You pick a place on our route and tell us what you would like us to do there.

It could be our group pic with Van Damme's statue in Brussels  or spending a night at Darvaza, Door to Hell in Turkmenistan. 

Any event or task we complete with your help will be acknowledged on all our social media pages and on our blog. I think you get the picture. So go ahead, pick a place, give us a task or an event and live your dream through us. As long as there is no nudity or violence involved, we will do it for $100 and tell the world that YOU made it happen.  



Any product or merchandise you help us with will be acknowledged on our website and social media pages. 

We will also incorporate your product into the pictures we take and publish through out our journey. Hey, we will also write a review for it.

I cannot think of a better way to promote your product and business.


Please remember that we are raising money for charity too and your sponsorship will help us achieve that goal.

We are more than happy to hear if you have something else in mind so drop us a line.